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Are You Tired of Struggling?

(with Recurring Physical Issues, Fitness, Failing to Reach Your Goals...)

It's Time You Experience Success & THRIVE!

Here's How..

Are You Frustrated with?
  •  Body Just Not Feeling “Right”?
  • ​ Low Energy or Lack of Drive?
  •  Maintaining Weight Loss?
  • ​ Feeling Stressed or Anxious?
  • ​Making Progress on What Matters?
  • ​Not Achieving the Success You Want in Life?
Why Take Action?
The Problem.
In today’s fast paced, fast food, get it done now life-style, it’s easy to get sucked up into work, family, house, responsibilities, and all the other things that come at you.

Focus goes towards putting out fires and getting through daily challenges.

Then, years fly by and we look up to realize we are not as healthy or fit as we would like & there hasn’t been much progress towards goals that matter to us.

We want to be healthier, fit, and more accomplished, but we can't imagine finding the time or energy to add one more thing to our already busy day.

And, if we could get off the hamster wheel long enough to take action, we are not entirely sure where to even start.

Or the other scenario..
You suffer an injury or develop a physical issue that is difficult to get rid of completely. You want to get into shape but efforts to go to the gym or work with a trainer ends up aggravating your condition.

Or you start working out but can't seem to stick with it.
You lose momentum and get discouraged, being unable to follow through to make lasting change.

When this pattern occurs more than once it is easy to internalize it, lose confidence, and end up doubting the ability to make the desired change.

This is all too common and I can honestly say I have been there myself!

the consequences of poor habits & failing to take action occur slowly enough they are not readily apparent until something stops you in your tracks.

For example, if the first cigarette smoked resulted in weathered skin and lung cancer then nobody would pick it up in the first place.

Silent hazards,
in the form of lack of knowledge and failure to take action can be the most impactful in the long run.

Impaired health, diminished physical capability, and goals unaccomplished can be the result, which opens the door for regret later in life, if the outcome could have been changed.

Time is short,
don't waste it being unable to follow through or settle for anything less than the life you want.

We understand how hectic life is & how difficult it can be to take action to reach your goals in today's obstacle rich environment. Here is the thing.

You were meant to THRIVE!
And you can move yourself towards it whatever that means to you regardless of your age, physical challenges, or where you are starting from.

It doesn't mean everything will work out how you want it or there won't be challenges that cannot be changed.

It's about making the most out of the cards you've been dealt & progressing towards what matters to you.
I am not not to say its easy & that is doesn't take effort because it does.

But if you are willing to learn & take action it is well worth the effort for the results & life you can achieve!
Why the Complete Wellness Program Exists

(And Why It Matters!)

I grew up on a horse farm in Central Florida. The farm provided an active lifestyle one of my greatest passions was participating in active sports such as motocross racing and football, which I played through college for the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

I was intrigued with how the human body worked so it took me down the path of pursuing Physical Therapy as a career.

Five years into my career I was completely unprepared when I sustained a significant back injury. I couldn’t sit, stand, or work, much less do anything athletic.

It was very difficult, because being active was necessary for the lifestyle I enjoyed & I was at risk of losing the ability to pursue a career I loved.

The fear of losing something you care deeply about & not knowing what to do about it is not pleasant & something that I don't want anyone to have to experience!

This went on for some time, and at the time it seemed like the harder I tried the worse I got.

I researched how to help myself and came across a journal article about the mind body connection & foundations of health, which described the issues I was having.

It deepened my understanding of mindset, how it impacts what & how we feel… as well as foundations of health.

I applied what I learned & started getting better. Not only that but, I developed these ideas & methods with my patients to great results!

I realized that treating an injury is never an isolated issue & basic exercise training alone is not enough.
To be effective, you need to figure out why something happened in the first place, and a holistic approach that addresses How We Move & Mindset are keys.

Do you remember when you were a kid and moving, running, and playing was easy, & you could just do it?

Quite simply, they have fun rolling, crawling, balancing, and playing.
These are all foundational movements that serve as building blocks for our more complex movement patterns as adults.

We SHOULD maintain this movement practice well into adulthood and even old age.
However, the typical inactive lifestyle and poor mechanisms for continued practice can lead to diminished physical capability.

Fast forward through years of practicing.
I noticed the majority of people had great success. However, a percentage of people, usually middle-aged busy adults had difficulty being successful.

They wanted to get rid of recurrent problems, be healthier, & reach their goals; but knowing what to focus on and how to get it done in their current life environment was the challenge.

I could relate as now a father, husband, & business owner who wears many hats always trying to juggle many responsibilities without dropping any of them.

I knew first hand what is was like to feel like you are on a perpetual hamster wheel!

I wanted to be able to help people with an evolution that I believe most of us go through as we get older.
So, I set out to learn everything I could about how to achieve goals and how to excel throughout life.

Because this knowledge has made such a difference for me and others, I feel everyone should be exposed to the information as early on in their lives as possible.

We put what I have learned from continual study, ongoing training, and 20+ years of practicing as a health care practitioner and life coach… into a program.

The goal was to create something that would be helpful for people to move towards their own version of thriving.

We call it “Thrive Complete Wellness Program.” It is for the active adult who would like to be more healthy & excel in reaching their goals.

In creating it,
we have combined proven methods for reaching goals and key methods for improving health. It is unlike anything else and more comprehensive than any program I have been able to find.

And the results have been amazing which is what it is all about!
C. Clarke Tanner PT, MPT, COMT, ATC, CSCS, FMSC, TPI
I have always enjoyed anatomy, physiology and how the human body works. I volunteered at an outpatient physical therapy clinic, loved the experience and realized that physical therapy was what I wanted to pursue as my career. The wide variety of problems we encounter and the diverse patient population makes this profession very interesting. I enjoy figuring out what is wrong and working to correct it.

“I am fortunate to help patients feel better so they can return to the activities they enjoy. I am most proud of our outstanding clinical outcomes, high patient success rate and ability to treat even the most difficult problems effectively. Fitting our care to the patients’ needs is our trademark.”

Master of Physical Therapy: (cum laude) Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Certified: (with distinction) Manual Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Member: American Physical Therapy Association, American Academy of Osteopathic Manual Manipulative Therapy, Mid-Atlantic Physical Therapy Associates, Virginia Physical Therapy Association
What You Will Learn...
  • ​How to Ask KEY Questions Proven To Lead To A Better Life (Module One)
  • ​How to Improve BALANCE In All Aspects of Your Life (Module Two)
  • ​How to Find the INNER DRIVE to Persevere (Module Five)
  • ​What to Focus on To ACHIEVE Your Goals Gracefully (Module Three)
  • ​Why DISCIPLINE Is a MYTH and How to Succeed Without Shear Willpower (Module Five)
  • ​Why CHALLENGING GOALS Are Absolutely Necessary & Common Reasons for Failure (Module Nine)
  • ​How to Identify Hidden Factors That "Lie Under the Water" That Can DERAIL You From SUCCESS (Module Six)
  • ​How to Eliminate the DANGERS of Unrecognized Habits (Module Seven)
  • ​How to Design Your Habits to GUARANTEE Success (Module Eleven)
  • ​How to Apply A PROVEN FORMULA To Happiness & Fulfillment (Module Sixteen)
The preceding is just some of what will be answered in the Thrive Complete Wellness Program Training Modules.

How would you like the answers to some of the preceding questions? 

Do you think if you fully understood and took action on just a few of them it would make a difference in your life?

Could you improve your health, reduce frustration, break through old barriers, achieve your goals, avoid costly mistakes, save time, be more successful, and ultimately create a more compelling future?

Having experienced profound effects in my own life.. 
and having seen the results participants have achieved in the program there is no doubt.

The question is will you?

I am not going to tell you it is easy or that it doesn't take work because it absolutely does.

Nor am I going to tell you because you enroll in the program that you will automatically accomplish what you want.

No program will.
Anybody who tells you different is not being truthful.

It takes learning the concepts, honest introspection, execution, and being willing to continue to work at it until you get exactly what you want.

After all, our goal here is not a one time event like losing 20 pounds and calling it a day!

It's trying to give you the know how, structure, and systems for you to go out and get the life you want. 

What ever that means to you, no matter where you are starting from, or how old.

It is to help you achieve your goals, avoid wasting time, to be the captain of your ship...

and to make the most out of the most precious resources you have...

your health, relationships with yourself/others, and time.

Does this program have all the answers and guarantee you success? Absolutely not! 

Because just showing up is step one.

It's what you do when you show up that matters.

These programs will give you a window and an opportunity to move towards something better. 

We offer two options and paths you can to follow to get where you want to go.

The first is self-guided and the second is a fully supported, step by step program, that is customized specifically for you.

You will have the opportunity to understand both and make the best choice for you!

I sincerely hope you choose the one that is right for you and your needs.

Whatever route you take I would urge... push...and shove you if that is what it takes! (even if not with us)

Do not stand still.. move forward! 
Thrive Complete Wellness....
A Comprehensive Program for Achieving an Active, Healthy, & Accomplished life!
The Complete System to THRIVE!
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With Thrive Complete Wellness Program…
Thrive Complete Wellness Program-Digital 
This Comprehensive Program provides the foundation for living a more active, successful, and fulfilling life.  Avoid timely mistakes, and make progress now! 
Experience success and live the life of your design.

In this 16 Module Course you will learn foundational principles and strategies for; achieving balance in all aspects of your life, finding inner drive to succeed and overcome challenges, create a winning mindset, learn a scaffolding for achieving goals gracefully, understand common pitfalls that derail success, learn to think strategically, and to successfully establish habits that will put on the path towards success and thriving in life.
Learn Now..Learn Later: Ever Green Programming
Continue to improve by staying on the cutting edge of success training and knowledge in the future. As we learn and grow so will you!

Additional course content, improvement, and revisions will be given to you at no charge through your membership portal.

Learn now and in the future!

"No Fail' Strategic Planning Training
In this online training module and worksheet you will learn one of the single biggest secrets to success we know.

Learn a fool proof system for directing your time and getting more done than you ever thought possible! Laser focus your actions on life goals!

Be the captain of your ship.

Gain confidence you are moving exactly where you want to go!

Achieve your goals more easily and without wasting time!

We want you to be blown away with value! If you act now you get the following exclusive bonuses not available anywhere else!
Bonus #1
Sleep Quality Training
Sleep is a critical component of our health, prevention of common medical disorders, energy level, maintenance of our ideal weight, and our mood to name only a few.

This online training will not only establish the importance of sleep but also give specific guidelines and techniques for waking up feeling your best.

Learn how to get a restful night sleep.

Wake up with energy to attack your day!

Bonus #2
Mindset Reset Training for Success & Relaxation
Instantaneous decisions about where to focus and what actions to take ultimately determine our life experience. The ability to regulate and shape our emotions is critical to controlling our internal environment and taking positive actions. 

This training is the shortcut to direct your emotions and learn to reset, relax, and refocus towards emotions and moods that will serve you. 

Learn concrete strategies for creating a winning mindset, decreasing anxiety, be more calm, and to shape your “internal highlight reel” towards the positive.
After this training you will be able to restore calm, reduce stress, and anxiety-on demand!

Bonus #3
Happiness Formula
This Online Training & Action Worksheet will teach proven strategies for living a more happy and fulfilling life. 
Learn an easily implemented simple formula for boosting your mood, facilitating personal growth, and for enjoying the moment and the process while working towards your life goals.

Simple, impactful, and critical for “feeling successful” and being joyous!

This comprehensive program with all of the bonuses gives amazing value for a never before offered price!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We take your decision to put your faith in us very seriously, and for this reason there is no risk to you whatsoever! If you are not completely satisfied with the program, you have 30 days to receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked!!


"I absolutely cannot recommend the Thrive Academy enough! I decided to give it a try when I realized that I was just going through the motions in life but not really being fulfilled with what I was doing and accomplishing. 

The Thrive Academy helped to change all that by helping me figure out my "Why" step by step. I was really surprised by just how much I was getting out of this program. There are tons of helpful discussions, worksheets, nutrition tips, exercises, problem solving and more. With the amount that you get in the program it is absolutely worth the value! This is definitely going to take some commitment and self reflection but so worth the investment in yourself! Thanks to Clarke and the Thrive team for helping me when I didn't even realize I needed it! 
Ashley K.
"I have struggled with my weight throughout my life. I have often been able to lose some weight, but inevitably, I always gain what I have lost, and then some. I realized that there must be more than just restricting calories & feeling deprived. I had began to realize that it wasn’t about just losing the weight, but about me as a whole person. I wanted to heal – physically and emotionally from the control food had over my life, so I signed up for the Transformation Academy.

It helped me identify goals that were important and helped me devise a plan to achieve those goals, one small, achievable step at a time. They supported, encouraged, listened, and focused on what was important to me, no matter how small it may have seemed.

Through the Transformation Academy was able to accomplish losing over 80 pounds, find the exercise plan that is right & attainable for me, regain control of my life, have the energy I’ve longed for, and finally feel good in my own skin.

I highly recommend the Transformation Academy to anyone wanting to gain control over any aspect of their lives, whether it be physical, mental, financial, or spiritual. The Team truly takes time to listen and help each person attain the goals that are important to them in a non-judgmental, supportive manner.

Heather K.
"My name is Kyle and I am a professional hockey player. I took a year off due to injury and worked with Clarke to recover during that time. Not only did he help me overcome my injury physically, but through the Transformation Academy he strongly emphasized the mental aspect as well, helping me deal with uncertainty in my life and refocus my priorities. We all have the tools but don’t always know how the use them. Thrive showed me how to use the tools to unlock the path to my potential. To anyone else dealing with a physical setback or trying time, I can’t recommend this program enough."
Kyle R.
"I joined the program to refocus my energy towards my fitness, flexibility and nutrition. I have gone through cycles of fitness due to the intense nature of my profession. This was an effort to reboot my health practices for my current lifestyle. I could not rely on the things that were successful when I was a high school athlete nor could I recreate the long workouts that I undertook early in my career. This was an effort to retrain myself to get healthy and maintain good practices.

I now have a framework that I can refer to when I stumble on my process. Having the tools to evaluate what is pushing me off track has been incredibly helpful. Sleep, nutrition, stress, exercise all need to be in synergy and using the tools from the class have helped me track and balance these better.  

No wellbeing program is going to be easy. The Transformation Academy helps walk you through the various steps to take control of your life but you still need to put in the work to understand the science, to plan your progress, to think about your motivations. This is a program helps you getting out of the cycle of progress and failure. Come prepared to share with your trainers, work on your needs and put in the work to train yourself for the future. Its an investment in you, not an investment in a fitness program."

Honors & Recognition:

Are You Ready To Take Steps To THRIVE?
Thrive Complete Wellness Program

What You Will Receive:

I could not be more excited to encourage you to take the leap and participate in this amazing program. 

It truly is the culmination my life's work, tireless study, and 20+ years of practicing as a Health Care Practitioner and Life Coach, that has the ability to profoundly impact your life in a positive way. 
We have put together an offer which teaches the foundation needed to be successful in life.

What are those components? 
Thrive Complete Wellness Program-Digital , Learn Now.. Learn Later: Ever Green Programming, "No Fail' Strategic Planning Training, Sleep Quality Training, Mindset Reset Training for Success & Relaxation, and last but not least Happiness Formula Training.

You might be asking how do I know if this program is worth it for me?
Each component can make a huge difference in your life if you apply yourself much less the cumulative effect of all of the training! The total value and potential for what it can bring is priceless if you give consideration to what achieving your goals and living a more fulfilling life is worth to you.

You might be asking yourself how will I get through all of it? 
It will always be available to you through your membership portal to work through at your own pace or to watch as many times as you need to until you get it right.

You might be asking yourself why should I consider this program?
This program is for the active adult, who may have been hindered by physical issues, struggled to achieve their physical/life goals, and wants to lead a more accomplished life. 
It is unique, more complete than any program I have found so far, and the results have been amazing! 

You might be asking yourself what if I don't like it?
We take your decision to put your faith in us very seriously and for this reason there is no risk to you whatsoever. If you are not completely satisfied with the program, you have 30 days to receive a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked.

It is my hope that the objectives of the program and the offer are so compelling that it urges you to take action! 

That you can no longer stand content with being discontent... and that you make a decision to take action!  

One step leads to another... one good choice to the next...

momentum builds until there is no way to stop your forward progress.

Eventually you look up to realize you are in a profoundly different place, your growth is tangible, and you are living a healthy, active, and more fulfilling life than you thought possible.

It is my hope that this is a catalyst and foundation for what you envision and the life you are then able to achieve.  

Give us a chance to make a difference for you!

It starts with one step forward and if not now... when?

to your health and success,

C. Clarke Tanner PT, MPT, COMT, ATC, CSCS, FMSC, TPI

Don't waste another second take action now!

Here’s A Recap Of
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  • Thrive Complete Wellness Program-Digital              ($1250 Value)
  • ​Learn Now..Learn Later: Ever Green Progra.               ($550 Value)
  • No Fail Strategic Planning Training                              ($499 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Sleep Quality Training                                  ($250 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Mindset Reset for Success & Relaxation ($350 Value)
  • Bonus Piece #3: Happiness Formula                          ($250 Value)
Total Value: $3,149
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $297
Disclaimer: this program/material is for informational & educational purposes only and is not for the purposes of rendering medical advice. The contents of this training is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, &/or treatment. Participation in this program is at your own risk. Please consult your Medical Professional prior to starting this or any new program.
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